How to Have a Fully Booked Airbnb Property For the Month?

It is becoming a common trend these days that homeowners invest in their property and turn it into Airbnb. The reason behind this is that they can earn extra cash with their real estate. It is also a more profitable option compared to having it rented to one tenant for a long time.

Also, Airbnb has a great platform that allows you to have access to different types of travelers. Unlike what most people think of Airbnb, it also caters not only to travelers who are on a small budget. There are also those travelers who want a different kind of experience.

Considering the lucrative business that is waiting for you, you want to avoid mistakes when it comes to Airbnb. So how exactly are you going to make sure that your property is fully booked for the month?

Always prioritize your guest’s experience

You want to make sure that you are going to prioritize their experience over anything. In order to do this, you will have to invest in the best amenities and even repair what needs to be repaired. Prior to opening your home to guests, you want to check every corner. Also, you want to have train people who are going to be in charge of cleaning and maintaining the property. Though you are not offering a hotel, it makes sense that you know how to fold the linens in the most presentable way possible. You also want to ensure the cleanliness of the property at all times.

Complete amenities

It is also necessary that the property has complete amenities. So what are the usual things that guests look for in a property? It should have a fast and stable wifi connection, a good kitchen, and a good bathroom. Once you have checked these three things, then it is already safe to assume that the property is going to be competitive in your niche.

Competitive price

Of course, you also want to make sure that you offer a competitive price for your property. And for this reason, you will have to do your research. This way, you will know exactly how much is the price of your property per night. You can even include some discounts especially if the guest is staying for more than 1 week.

Consider getting the best photos

Also, you will need to have a good photo of your property. Steve Barbarich Airbnb makes use of professionally taken photos in order to attract guests to stay in the house. This is a great investment considering how the beauty of the house can actually standout using a professional camera. You will also be surprised by the number of people who are going to message you if you do this.

You will have to be smart when it comes to your Airbnb. You will have to understand that there are a lot of properties out there that can actually be rented by guests. Just keep in mind that having a fully booked property is all about standing out. And in order to do this, you will have to make sure to prioritize what your guests are going to experience. checkout

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