Common Causes of Complaints That You Need to Avoid as Vacation Homes 365 Host

If you considered being a host a full-time job, might as well figure out how to resolve problems within your property. Complaints are becoming prevalent nowadays for several reasons. One, you have guests having high standards when it comes to the property that they are about to rent. Though the vacation rentals are cheaper than hotels, competition within the vacation home market simply makes it possible for the guests to get the best service possible.

If you will look at the number of successful vacation rentals listed on VacationHomes365, gone are the days when you simply have a bare room in your house and you turned it into a home that people can sleep in. Nowadays, properties are professionally managed. It means that there are even some property managers that handle multiple properties.

What could be the reasons why there are complaints in the first place? Here are some things that you should always watch out for as a host.

Cleanliness of the property

Cleanliness is usually a cause of complaint by many guests. You want to make sure that there is always enough time to clean the entire property once a guest checks out. It means that there should be a professional cleaner that can respond to the need of the property to look squeaky clean in just a short period.

Privacy of the guests

Privacy is a concern for a lot of guests. Guests tend to have concerns whether or not they will have an interaction with your hosts or other guests. To minimize interaction with the host, you can have them to check-in all by themselves. You can have a digital lock that they could enter the PIN all on their own without the aid of a caretaker. And also, this is convenient especially for people who are checking in late at night.

Instructions on how to operate things inside the property

You need to let them know exactly how things work inside the property. From the moment that they enter the property, there should be a user-friendly instruction including pictures or even videos if necessary.

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If there are no instructions in your property, you could expect some guests to contact you ever once in a while. In some instances, you could even have them behaving badly because you didn’t set the house rules every now and then.

Poor communication

Poor communication can be detrimental to your business. Could you imagine the number of other properties that are vying for the same guests? In reality, if you don’t answer an inquiry fast enough, there is a chance that the guest shave booked on another property.

During their stay, it is also important that you answer to their questions, no matter how simple the operation is on things such as your TV and washing machine, there will still be some questions on the part of your guests. Keep in mind that if you don’t answer these questions, there is the likelihood that you won’t be getting a good rating.

Complaints can be tricky. It is a part of being a host on Vacation Homes 365. However, knowing the things to avoid can do a lot for your business.

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