Why Complaints Make a Big Deal For your Vacation Rental

A lot of people today are looking at the possibility of getting as much income possible from their vacation rental. The good news is that there are many ways how your vacation rental business is going to fail. One of the biggest reasons why vacation rentals fail is due to the fact that there are a lot of complaints. Complaints can be a big factor whether or not you are going to have a customer or not.

When it comes to classic marketing books, it’s common to encounter a recommendation that word of mouth marketing is the best marketing that you can go for. Until today, this is true. However, what if people are now starting to consider online reviews as an equivalent of word of mouth marketing?

This is a fact that a lot of vacation rental hosts should consider. You have to understand that one disgruntled guest can already prevent other guests from checking in. What you want is to make sure that you are going to take into consideration the reviews given to your property. You need to find a way to improve your numbers.

Keep in mind that if you are using platforms such as Airbnb, there’s really no escape to the reviews. You will have potential guests taking a closer look at past feedback of your recent guests. If you’ve received a number of bad reviews, this can definitely affect the number of people who will check in.

How to Improve Your Rating?

A lot of times, it takes effort in order to get a good review. It means that you should be having a good impression from the get-go. You have to understand that most people tend to already have a judgment of your property the moment they entered the property. For this reason, you want to always give your best foot forward in welcoming them. You want to give them treats and all the necessary things that they might like such as maps to guide them during their trip, or even a few treats here and there.

Also, you want to always ask your guests what they need. You want to let them know that you truly care as a host. Consider the fact that there is no reception area that they can go for and ask for assistance. They will have no other choice but to send you a message via phone or messenger.

When it comes to the negative reviews, it helps if you are going to make the effort to apologize and let the guests know that you are willing to improve on the areas that they’ve mentioned. This could convince your future guests that they should try your property. You can also feature the new amenities that you have or prove via pictures that you’ve definitely improved the property.

Making the effort to prove to your potential guests that your property is worth staying in can be a bit complicated. In fact, there is no guarantee that they will choose to stay in your property once they see a bad review. But of course, these tactics could potentially work in your favor.

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